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Who challenges educators to Create A Culture Of Belonging™.


A Recovering Educator Prospective.

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What’s Up? I’m Curtis

Professional Development Speaker & Trainer

I’m a recovering teacher who left teaching inside the classroom to teach the nation. As a result, I’m one of the most sought DEI speakers and trainers for Fortune 50 companies and School Districts nationwide. In addition, I was an educator for over fifteen years, so I know all about professional development and its importance on student and educator success.

Whether you are planning P.D. week, P.D. series, or a major conference, I will work with your attendees to Create A Culture Of Belonging™: That Maximizes People, Practices, and Productivity.

As you know, there is a teacher shortage nationwide, and retaining good-quality teachers should be our main priority. Providing opportunities for Educators to Create Life-Work Balance will help them avoid burnout and thrive in and out of the classroom.

I provide practical Professional Development that will engage and inspire but, most importantly, model a level of teaching that can be transferred into everyday practice.

My Most Popular P.D.S Are

If you are looking for a teacher who can connect with your staff on a deeper level, get started here.

  • Create A Culture Of Belonging™: That Maximizes People, Practices, and Productivity.
  • Differentiation Is The Secret Weapon To Educator Success
  • Equity Begins With An I.E.P. For Every Educator
  • Inclusion Provides the L.R.E.
  • Managing The Chaos Of Teaching

Ten Reasons To Book Curtis For Your Next Event


High Ratings

“You were sooooooo fantastic – truly one of the best speakers I’ve ever worked with! You were the highest rated speaker of the entire DC East Conference, with a score of 4.91 out of 5 – slightly short of absolute perfection.”



“… honestly, I’m over participating in pointless professional developments because they’re so generic and not helpful. However, your presentation was so engaging and informative that I wish we could have you present yearly!”


Exceeds Expectations

“This presentation exceeded my expectations, not because my expectations were low, but because you explained DEI in ways I’ve never heard before. Thank you”.



“This was one of the best DEI presentations I have ever attended…and I have attended a lot. I appreciate the interactive activities and the thought provoking stories. I have so much to take back to my firm and am so grateful for you. Thank you!!”



“I really enjoyed your presentation. It was funny and uplifting. I have been teaching for 21 years, and I reflect a lot on what I’m doing. Your talk made me feel like I am on the right track.”



“Had the best time I ever had during a PD and guest speaker! Haven’t laughed this much during a keynote ever! Thank you for your time and story! You have a gift!”



“I liked your presentation. I feel that the way that you connect with us educators is the same way that I hope to connect with my own students. Joy factor is something that I think we start off trying to bring into our classrooms but we lose sight of it when things get hard. After listening to your presentation I have a renewed energy to try to bring joy into my classroom not only for my students but also for me. Thank you for speaking to and with us.”



“Your presentation was relevant, impactful, and informative”



“I thought your presentation was very insightful and helpful in getting my mindset right for this upcoming school year! You are a great speaker and had my attention the entire time, and I have ADHD so that is saying a lot! Thank you for your time and insight today!”


Provides Hope

“You are the best presenter I’ve seen at a teacher PD. I took notes and walked away challenged to do even better than I had planned this year. I’m pregnant and concerned about losing the community I build when I go on leave but I’m determined to do it. Thanks for your hope, love and inspiration. Keep building cultural competency, Ive been on a personal mission for 10 years to build the same wherever I teach. It was even my master’s thesis, so I understand the work, keep pressing on!”